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Brainbox has originated from a school of thought that combines the parts of blended learning and micro learning. We want schools and teachers to participate in creating their own content, in delivering their unique teaching methodologies. We are here to assist in a continuous effort to help transform learning and teaching process.

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Brainbox covers the boards that could help the students in their career growth

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Let your child understand lessons by our Videos and explain you about them.

Watch them go beyond Lesson too.

How It Works?

Brainbox is easy to access within few steps, who can access? And how can we access?


Who can Access Brainbox?

An individual, A School, A Collage, An organisation can easily access Brainbox which helps in their career.

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Create the account within a few steps

First, you need to enter your Name, E-mail, and Mobile number And you should confirm the password and your successfully completed your registration


Hands-On Learning

Knowledge is actively construed by the student, not passively absorbed from textbook and lectures


Brainbox offers enhanced teaching and digital learning courses for 1st Grade to 12th grade. It offers quality content not only in maths and science but also has courses in Telugu, Hindi and Sanskrit.

Become an Instructor

Teach what you love. Brainbox gives you the tools to create a course

Become a Student

Learn what you love. Brainbox provides you complete course curriculum

Blended learning

Learning simplified, blending class work and home work

“Some of the brightest minds in the country can be found on the last benches of the classroom.”                                                                     –Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

It’s time to spice up the learning process to get the backbenchers to participate early on. At Brainbox, we bring out the best in students so that they are able to bring their talent to the fore from the very beginning. We lay the very foundation on which their future careers can rest upon. We are here to rise above the barriers of time and place to create a purpose-built learning environment.

Our comprehensive learning programs add ‘fun’ to learning. We bridge the gap between teaching and learning. Our motto is to take out the complexities of learning and make it simple every step of the way. We help schools and educational institutions digitize their functions for a better learning experience. Our approach is need-based and our offerings are flexible and aplenty. We handpick our tutors to ensure outstanding learning outcomes for all.

Brainbox is not just a platform for online tuitions,but an enriching learning environment that nourishes mind

Come, Learn easy with Brainbox. We promise there’s no better way to learn.And have so much fun!


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